Extending Ukrainian-Japanese IT Collaboration: Ukrainian Provider of Dedicated Development Teams Meets JASIPA(English)


Ukrainian dedicated development teams provider, Mobilunity met the Japan System Integration Partners Association (JASIPA) during their business trip to Tokyo in September 2019

Tokyo, Japan – 1 October, 2019 – In the beginning of September 2019 the top management of a rapidly growing Ukrainian dedicated development teams provider, Mobilunity visited Japan to meet their local partners, and to introduce the opportunities that the Ukrainian IT talent pool can bring to Japanese companies. During the business trip Mobilunity CEO Cyril Samovsky, Director of Business Development Alfonsine Williams, and Country Manager Hiroshi Shibata met representatives of JASIPA in Tokyo. JASIPA unites a group of venture IT companies in Japan, and since its foundation in October 2002, has grown to 100 members from all over Japan: from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

The meeting took place at the seminar room of Nihon System Design Inc. (member company of JASIPA) in Tokyo with over 20 association members participating as well as Vice-president and key figure of JASIPA, Shirai Chiaki, who had previously visited Mobilunity during his visit to Kyiv in May 2019.

Participants of the meeting discussed many topics including the IT education level of Ukrainian developers (well-known in Europe and North America for having high levels of professional knowledge and outstanding work quality), as well as the dedicated development team model that Mobilunity provides and what distinguishes it from other existing models.

Starting with presentations from both Mobilunity and JASIPA, the meeting transitioned into networking, which allowed participants to get to know each other, and ask questions not only about Mobilunity but also about the Ukrainian IT industry in general.

The event gave additional insight to all participants and was a success based on the feedback of both sides. Chiaki Shirai, Vice-president of JASIPA, stated that “As a representative of JASIPA, I signed a business alliance agreement with the IT Ukraine Association in Ukraine with strong support from Shibata, Country Manager of Mobilunity and the Japanese Embassy in May.

However, this is not a goal but the start. In Japan, there are few achievements with Ukrainian IT companies, and mutual experiences are not sufficient.

Meanwhile, Mobilunity board members [independent of the IT Ukraine Association] came to Japan for a face-to-face interview with Japanese companies and conducted a number of Fit & Gap meetings.
I think that it happened thanks to the intention of Mobilunity CEO Cyril Samovskiy and his commitment to fill in the gaps that are expected to occur in collaboration. Aiming for success together, I think that this business stance is also applicable to the many Japanese companies we represent.

I sincerely welcome our dear Ukrainian friend Mobilunity, and support them in their intent to enter the Japanese market.

Alfonsine Williams, Director of Business Development at Mobilunity, also expressed his appreciation and willingness for continued cooperation: “It was a wonderful experience meeting with JASIPA and its members, and it really opened our eyes to just how much Ukraine and Japan have in common in regards to IT. I genuinely believe that soon, Mobilunity will be able to bridge the gap between eastern Europe and the Far East, through transparency, open dialogue, and a continued involvement with diverse organizations such as JASIPA.”

The organizations agreed to continue their communication, in hopes that continued engagement will, in time, grow into a fruitful cooperation.

Mobilunity is a provider of dedicated development teams and offshoring R&D centers established back in 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Mobilunity focuses heavily on relationships to ensure that the clients and developers receive the very best in regards to structure and productivity. Mobilunity is a Company that provides Ukrainian developers, with Western management, that guarantee Global delivery.

Japan System Innovation Partners Association (JASIPA) is a non-profit organization aiming for prosperity and development of member companies by increasing their sales and profits through mutual cooperation and collaboration with other member companies. JASIPA encourages member companies to share knowledge and experience with each other to develop additional skills.

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